Playing Angry Bird Game on Block Programming
The teacher showed first showed us a video on Hour of Code which is a movement to get more people in the world to know how to do coding. Then, we played a game on Angry Birds related to coding. We had to arrange the blocks in order according to the directions the Angry bird should move in and where the green pig was located. The words were in Korean so with the help of our buddies, we were able to find out what they were in English and successfully play the game. Even though only a few people finished all 20 levels and got a prize, we got to learn from our buddies and got an opportunity to play a game in a language which we didn’t even understand.

Creating Wooden/Acrylic Keychains With Moto-Saws
During this activity, we were taught patience cutting the square pieces of material into the shapes of animals, as it was very difficult to make sure that the cutter/saw did not cut into the wrong part of the shape. If we didn’t have enough patience, we wouldn’t be able to have these awesome keychains. We believe that this patience that we learned, we can now be able to accomplish more things that we thought we weren’t able to. This was surely one of our most memorable lessons, partially due to the keychains that we have with us.

Making Floating Balloons with Atmospheric Air and Solar Energy Bags
During our Earth Science class, the teacher split us up into groups of five. We had to fill up a solar bag with air, then allow the sun to heat it up in order for it to float. By doing this activity, we learn about heat conductivity and the fact that hot air rises. I felt that splitting us up into groups with 2 buddies let us speak and interact with more people, as well as deepen our bonds with our schoolmates and buddies.

The science behind the balloon was that hot air rises and cold air sinks. The balloon was made out of thin light black plastic. As black absorbs more heat, the balloon quickly gained heat and rose up. Most of the balloons rose really high. One of them even went over the school building! That group had to pull it back down. Another group accidentally released the balloon! The balloon rose so high that it was eventually out of sight. This was definitely one of the most fun activities we had so far.

Putting on Korean Traditional Costumes
In this activity, we were able to learn a bit more about how Koreans dressed traditionally. Some of us who naturally had an aura of mischief actually looked quite serious. We all enjoyed dressing up in the traditional Korean way.

Learning To Make and Drink Traditional Korean Tea
In this activity, we were taught not only how to make Traditional Korean Tea, but also how to drink it too. During this cultural experience, we were taught how to show respect to the person making the tea, the careful steps of how to make the tea properly and how to bow traditionally in the Korean way. Throughout all this, the main thing we were taught was respect, which is something we all knew we needed. All of us can surely say that we enjoyed this activity, even though some of us may not have enjoyed the taste of the tea as well as others, we have learned a lot in this. If ever we get the chance to experience this again, we would gladly jump at the opportunity. This was surely an awesome lesson we wouldn’t forget.

Making Korean Mochi

Saying Goodbye to Buddies
This was by far, one of the saddest moments of this trip. All of us just had a few moments to say goodbye to our buddies, whom we have made close bonds with, to take pictures with them, exchange contacts and wish them farewell. We will all miss them very dearly, especially after they have done so much for us, taking the trouble for speaking English, a language that is not even their second language, helping us to become comfortable there in Busan Science High School and being some of the most polite and kindest people to us there. We all hope to see them soon in January, and are very excited to, in return for them introducing their school