It was a long and sleepless transit flight before we finally touched down in Busan. We were all starving and exhausted. We had to wake up early to take our transit flight to Busan and were hungry because we had last eaten four hours ago.Thus we went looking around for food in Incheon airport and filled our growling stomachs.

We were greeted by our friendly tour guide and was immediately treated to a sumptuous lunch. That was what we exactly needed to reenergise our tired bodies.The meal included Kimchi, Fried egg, Fishes, Raisins, Fanta fruit punch, sesame rice. Though this was the first time some of us had Korean food, we still liked the food very much.

We went to the National Maritime Museum after the lunch. We learnt about the celestial maps which they used during nights to guide the sailors.We also learnt about the ports in Busan and that Busan is the largest trading port in Korea.We learnt about shipment in Busan and the research station in the Antartica.We also saw marine life in the aquariums and learnt about ancient fishing techniques.We also learnt about olden piracy and modern.We also learnt the differences in the boats that were made by the Chinese and Koreans as compared to the Japanese. We also visited the Skypark and looked through the telescope and were treated to a cinematic view of Busan Bay. We learnt the importance of ancient trade and civilisation. This has opened up our minds and has allowed us to look at the situation from a 3rd person perspective, now understanding the errors made by our ancestors.

Next, we went to Busan International Film Festival (BIFF) Square and shopped for souvenirs.We saw the handprints of the celebrities who came to Korea.We saw various food stalls including the Turkish ice-cream and twisted potatoes. The group bought shirts, caps and a selfie stick.The place was packed with enthusiastic shoppers and we had to stick close to each other and had to do regular headcount.

We crossed the street to go to the Jagalchi Fish Market. We looked at the many interesting seafood most of which we have not seen before. These included giant lobsters, squids,live seafood.We also learnt that the ladies selling seafood there,were the only breadwinners for their families and were well-known throughout Busan. Though we take much for granted, we know that we are privileged to have what we are given.

Afterwards we ate a barbecue dinner that consist a lot of meat like beef,chicken,pork,fish,shrimp

squid. We also had ice creams and fruits.I think that this helped us bond with our teammates as we shared the barbecue with four people and had to work together to cook it and eat it.The team found the experience a blast.

Lastly we came to the hostel and were warmly greeted by a few teachers of Busan Science High School. We felt very welcomed by their warm hospitality. We then proceeded to do our reflections and after reflections in which we understood the mistakes we had made and how to improve it, we proceeded to our dormitories and got a good night sleep, awaiting the next day eagerly.