Tuesday, 28 October 2014

Today’s Itinerary: 
  1. Visit to Beomeosa Temple
  2. Visit to Haeundae Beach and Noorimaru
  3. Buffet Lunch at All that premium Korean food
  4. Visit to Renault-Samsung Busan Factory
  5. Sightseeing at Busan Cinema Centre
  6. Dinner at a Restaurant

Over the course of the days our group has been in Korea, we feel that we have enjoyed ourselves the most today. 

Firstly, the breakfast today was a great kick-start to the day ahead of us. We had beef soup along with side dishes like bananas, muffins and rice. After that we went ahead to get ready for our trip outside BHSS. 

We got off the coach at the foot of a hill. After trekking uphill for a brief moment, we reached the entrance of Beomeosa Temple. We learnt in the coach that this temple was built in 678 during the Joseon dynasty. They built their temples on mountains. We also learnt that there were 3 main religions in Korea- Catholic, Christianity and Buddhism.

At the entrance of the temple, there was this gate called the Jogyemun Gate, also known as the One Pillar Gate. This is because it is the first of a series of gates built at the entrance of the temple compound. It is renowned as a masterpiece in Korea as the roof as supported with four stone pillars. When viewed from the side, it looks like only one of the four pillars is holding the roof. It was built by Venerable Myojeon in 1614, the sixth year of King Gwanghaegun of Joseon.

Before we entered the temple, we got to see four deities. These deities were believed to have been protecting heaven, and also are protecting the temple. The people entering the temple also had to bow to at every gate. 

After entering the temple, we saw people doing their prayers, so we had to keep extremely quiet. We were able to have the privilege to go up close and observe the prayers. We had to walk up the stairs on the sides, as the stairs in the middle were believed to have been for the gods.

Next up was Haeundae Beach. We were allowed some freedom at the beach to experience the sea waves there and also have a little bit of fun. Before this, we had taken a group photo, a ‘jump shot’ where we all jumped when the photograph was taken. 

After going to Haeundae Beach, we all feel that the sand was very soft and the sceneries we had seen were absolutely breathtaking. Some of us were daring enough to take off our shoes and walk along the shoreline!

After a brief 20 minutes at Haeundae Beach, we took a brisk stroll to Apex Tower
 which was just around the corner. It was built in 2005, and many of the meetings involving ministers were held there. We entered the leader’s retreat where the important ministers discussed their affairs in private. If a meeting was in progress, no one was allowed to enter. The first meeting was held in 2006, where about 30 ministers attended the event. 

However, we were lagging behind in terms of time. Therefore, we had to rush to our location for lunch. This place was ‘Rak and Wok’. We had a short amount of time to eat lunch, spanning half an hour. On the bright side, we were greeted by the smell of Bulgogi beef and fried chicken, along with drinks and soft ice cream. We, of course, ate our food with relish.

An hour later, we reached our next destination of Renault-Samsung Factory, also known as the world’s best assembly room. There, we learnt and observed the engineers and mechanics assemble the cars and how the machines there work. The conveyer belts in the factory transported all the parts to its respective locations and spanned over 9 km long in total. 

Our group’s favourite part was watching the cars being assembled together. The doors were being held by machines and fixed to the door perfectly. The factory have machines that will transport the parts and tools to the mechanics very efficiently. No wonder it is the world’s best assembly line.They house the vehicle that have achieved world records, such as a taxi that has travelled a million kilometres and they also have the first Renault vehicle made.We also looked at the gallery that showed how Renault came to life and its leaders over the years. 

Busan cinema was the next destination where we went, which holds the world record for the largest unsupported cantilever.The place there was huge with an enormous screen and had 30 loud speakers,with around 5000 seats! The place had a large infrastructure, and we went up the roof level where we got to see the skyline of Busan. At the second level, there was a skybridge that we crossed to get to the other side of the building that was supported by about 500 metal wires. Surprisingly, the entire structure could stand. 

Dinner was at a restaurant. there was kimchi, beef, seaweed soup, anchovies etc. The drink was rice water tea. After dinner, we had free time to talk about our reflections. In the end, we all felt that the food was delicious and the we left the place with food in our stomachs and smiles on our faces.

  After crossing a road and trudging up a hill, we finally reached the familiar corridors of Busan Science High School. Proceeding to Seminar Room 1, we continued adding details to our journals while waiting for our Korean Buddies. Once they got here from their hectic classes, we continued to the ICT room for buddy time with our Korean counterparts. There we shared our interests, our lifestyles, our preferences and our tastes. While doing so, we made use of the internet to show our hobbies and lifestyles back in Singapore. While doing so, time passed really fast, and we had to say our goodnights once more before proceeding back to do our reflections.