It was an exciting and fun filled day today.We went to many interesting places and they are as follows: 

Busan Institute of Science Education:
Here we learnt about marine life and about dissection.
We were first met by the warm and welcoming hosts of Busan Institute of Science Education(BISE).They started us off by a introductory video.In the video we learnt about how they teach students who are gifted in science and train trainees. It’s purpose of being built was to raise the amount of talent in Korea for the future generation to succeed in leading the world in terms of Science and technology. After the introductory video,we were shown how to dissect a shark and a fish. The sharks uses the liver to float in the water due to it’s amount of oil inside it. While the normal fish uses an air bladder to float. We also learnt about how to  differentiate the difference between the male and female shark. Such as the reproductive organs that are located outside and the inside of the shark. The also have a rodentino organ which senses the electrical impulses sent out by the fish’s lateral line. That’s why the shark is able to hunt fast for the prey that is camouflaged in the sand and etc. Sharks can also live up to 100 years and move 24/7. Sharks do not have gills but they have 5 holes,which allow them to stay afloat. Sharks have microscopic scales and because of that in olden times,shark skin was used as sandpaper. Car companies took inspiration from the sharks face structure and aeroplane companies took inspiration from their fin structure. Fish temperature changes according to their environment.Every fish has different smell because of a sticky substance on the surface of their scales.The gills are shaped like fur so that it can take as much as oxygen as possible(expansion of surface area).Under the gills is the heart.Long intestine is herbivore whereas short intestine is a carnivore. the sharks have their unique smell due to them passing out the Ammonia gas through their skin pores. The sharks also have a non-permanent bone structure  which actually ‘rots’ away after they die. 
the differences between the sharks and fishes:
The sharks is a kind of fish that have two noses and has it’s lips under the jaw bone. Whilst the fish does not have that kind of feature.
Last to unfold Sharks are cancer free hence scientists are finding out their secrets to how the cells live without any mutations in the cell.

Exhibits shows how the different Physics theory works such as the Archimedes principal and moments works. 
One of them is also the fish tanks. From the introduction to the fish tank we learnt the coral contains 30% of the world’s protein.Thinking of that, I finally understood why, for example if you looked at the eco system, the fish actually eats the coral for food. We also learnt how the coral actually reproduces such as splitting itself into two and goes into the ground and stuck there to grow.

  After that, we left for the kyeanjoo city,this city was the capital of the second dynasty,Silla dynasty.This dynasty survived a millennium.Because of their good location,near the sea line,they had trade connections with the arabs.In this city we saw the Congchomae Tower,this tower was an astrology,thy studied astronomy to do astrology.This tower is believed to be located near the royal palace.There were many controversies as there were many theories about this tower.The tombs vary in  size because in some tombs,couples are buried together.The dead usually wear gold and then they are buried. The Kings/Queens have their bodies facing the East when they died using the celestial maps. The Korean also have a type of trap to defend against the tomb raiders to raiding the tomb. By having the stone crumble on the thieves. Next we visited the hamsang mountain, 745m high,a buddhist temple.Above the Buddha statue there is a shrine which glows when sunshine enters the room.This temple was made by King Mom Mo.This king wanted to buried in the sea so as to protect his beloved people from the rampant piracy and Japanese with his soul. He also did not want his people to be troubled to build a tomb for him. there’s a story during the Silla dynasty, it talks about a male leaving his “girlfriend” to work for the king to build the palace. His girlfriend waited for him, however, she was starting to loose hope and started crying. She saw a monk and that the monk told her that if she saw the shadow of the pagoda that she would be able to see him sooner. however, the time past fast and that she gave up hope and committed suicide in the pond. When the man came back down from the palace, he saw only a pair of shoes near the pond.