Today is the second day that we are in Korea. We started off the day with a healthy breakfast. After our meal, we then went to the seminar room to meet the principal, vice-principal, teachers and students of Busan Science High School. Mrs Lee, our liaison and BSS english teacher, introduced us to our buddies who subsequently showed us around the school premises.   The first place we went to were all the Science laboratories that had many interesting devices inside them like an ultrasonic cleaning tube. After that, we went to observe some of the lessons that were being taken place throughout the numerous classrooms, the Math lesson was especially interesting as we saw the students solve some difficult equations. Then we went to the observatory.
Sadly that was the end of the tour and we had to go back down to the seminar room to be released for lunch which was delicious.

We ended lunch with some ball games in the field. We then continued the day with other activities which were interesting to say the least. At the end of the day we calmed our excitement and settled our stomachs by listening to the healing concert done by the seniors.We ended the day with having an extremely fun, engaging and interesting bonding session with our buddies which included us playing Korean games.


During the concert done by the the students of Busan Science High School, they put on quite a good show of music performances such as singing and instrumental songs.

Although we were a bit late, we were at least able to catch the rest of  other songs which were mostly classical. We really enjoyed the last song, which was a vocal performance that included a rap by one of the talented students here.

Their music was relaxing, especially since we had just had a long day touring the school, participating in the lessons and playing games in the gymnasium.

We really appreciate all the students who took the time off their studies, trouble and effort to prepare this wonderful concert.

We were really touched at this act of kindness done to us by the students of Busan Science High School. If we were given the chance, we would definitely do something in return for them.


The astronomy lesson was arguably the best lesson in this day. Their equipment totalled to over 10 million USD! We first entered a room filled with telescopes. It was surprising as all the telescopes were in a shed. At first, we expected the teacher to bring out the telescopes into the outside to let us see. Then, the teacher pressed a button. All of the sudden, the roof of the shed moved backwards.  

Unexpectedly, we were put in the sunlight. We excitedly crowded around the telescopes and viewed the sun, which was where most of the telescopes were facing. After a few minutes of insane excitement, we moved away as the shed roof slides back and thought that it was over. Then, we were treated to a even bigger surprise. We were redirected to a circular room. There was a giant telescope in it.

The roof of the room suddenly opened up, leaving a flood of sunlight. The telescope aimed out of the light.

They explained that the equipment they had was 1 of the only 2 in the whole of the entire busan. The mega telescope cost a amazing USD$1million! I felt that the astronomy class was amazing because we got to see the sun and the amazing equipment they had.


We had a Physics lesson and had to do 2 experiments. Firstly, we had to make a hologram pyramid, and to make one, we needed a sheet of clear plastic and a base made out of cardboard. We had to cut out 4 plastic isosceles triangles and make a 10cm by 10cm base out of a piece of cardboard. Then, we formed the pyramid by using cellophane tape to stick everything together. We had to use our mobile devices and find a video clip that will be placed on top of the pyramid to create the hologram. Our efforts paid off when we finally saw the hologram. Here is a video clip of the holograms.

The other exciting part of the lesson is that we saw how the Ruben’s tube works, how the pitch and volume of the music affects the height and movement of the flame. Here is a video of the flames.

I think the physics teacher tried his best in explaining to us the steps in building the set-up and he did a very good job in explaining to us the concept of the experiment in English. It is very amazing to see the holographic fireworks dancing around in the hologram pyramid. I learned the difference between virtual images and real images. I like this session as it is very engaging and the hands-on activity is very interactive.


We got to make two devices, the electrolysis device and the explosive device. As for the electrolysis device, we used simple materials such as syringes, pincers, tape, mini taps, a bottle and an EVA stick. We put them together such that the EVA stick was between the two syringes without the plungers and one side of the pincer was pushed into syringes and the other bent side was outside the syringe. We then put the setup into half a pet bottle and poked two holes opposite each other in which we pushed the bent part of the pincers. Then we poured a sodium hydroxide solution into the bottle. We connected the bent part of the pincers to the machine which passed electric current through the pincer into the sodium hydroxide solution, which caused electrolysis and collected oxygen at the top of one syringe and hydrogen gas on the top of the other syringe. As for the explosive device, we clipped up a wire with a paperclip and collected 5 ml of oxygen and 10 ml of hydrogen gas in a syringe and prevented them from escaping from the syringe. Then we put the side of the wire without the rubber cover into the oxygen and hydrogen gas mixture, pressed both buttons on the wire's end and created an explosion. We feel it was important as we overcame our fears of fire and explosions by trying out the explosions by ourselves. It was very engaging as the buddies tried their best to involve us in making the setups and and carrying out the experiments.